Driving from Chania Airport (CHQ)

Driving a car in Greece is not easy! You have to be extra careful because the roads are small and narrow and local drivers drive fast as they are used to these conditions. Also there are a lot of motorcycles so you have to keep your eyes open from all the sides by checking all your mirrors regularly. Traffic inside the city is high, especially when the city shops are open. Taking the car inside the city in not wise and you will also have trouble parking your car and even risking to get a ticket. If you deside to rent a car I suggest to do so ONLY if you are willing to travel outside the city. Inside the city you do not need the car.

Free Parking Zones

There are 3 free parking zones close to the property. Please be aware of the signs that allow parking only for residents (there is a fine for 80 euros). The rest of the parking slots are free of charge with no time limit. Do not leave valuble items inside the car because the parking areas are unattended.