Cretan Cuisine

Award-winning restaurants and taverns are located very close to the property. Taste the Cretan local cuisine which is delicious and super-healthy!

Cretan Restaurants & Taverns & The new trends.

There are hudrends of restaurants inside Chania. Of course during the summer season it is difficult to make a proper choice because there are too many around the area and most of them look very touristic. The good news is that most of the restaurants serve good food. Just make your choice wise, do not listen to the waiters that try to lurk you inside to their restaurants and prefer places where you see locals. Most of the restaurants & taverns do not have live music, also there is no limitation in time; you can eat even at 12:00 in the midnight in most taverns. There is a new trend mostly for the younger Greek local people, it is called "Mezedopolio" in free English translation it is a hybrid restaurant/cafe/tavern that serves small portions with appetizers and wine. These places are more expensive for you to eat; you eat small portions with higher prices, but it is prefered as an entertainment from the locals and for socialization.

Olive Oil

Cretan olive oil is one of the finest olive oils in the world. The grade of the olive oil produced in Crete is the best that can be produced. Extra virgin olive oil & organic olive oil is used even from the variety of the restaurants & taverns to cook. Most of them even use it also for frying (even the frech-fries), this method is far superior for health than frying with other oils. The health benefits from olive oil are well known. Unfortunately our local olive oil is bought in low prices and mixed in foreign countries to be sold as a better known brands in foreign countries.

Greek or Cretan Salad, Ntakos & Greens

Greek Salad is popular worldwide. The original version is with Greek Feta, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, rusk, Kalamata olives, extra virgin olive oil, oregano & salt. The Cretan Salad is the same with the Greek Salad but except Feta is has a traditional white cheese called "Mizithra". It is made from goat cheese and its a spread cheese. Ntakos is a a big rusk, with crushed tomato and feta or mizithra on the top served with kalamata olives, extra virgin olive oil and oregano. Greens are boiled local greens handpicked from the fields, (some are bitter, depending on the variety; like stamnagathi) served with lemon and extra virgin olive oil as a salad.


Unique Cretan Dishes & Appetizers

If you visit Chania you definitely must taste at least one of the popular dishes! Kaltsounia are handmade doughs in 3 versions. With goat cheese & feta; with greens; or mixed. Most of the taverns serve them fried but you can find them also baked in the oven. Some also serve kaltsounia (with cheese) with honey as a dessert.  Zuccini balls (Kolokithokeftedes) are made with zuccini, feta cheese, mint and are fryed. Snails (Saligaria) are fryed and served with rosemary is one of the most delicious thing you will taste. If you are dareful taste it! (snails are fed with spagetti & flour).  Lamb is very popular as meat in Crete;Tsigariasto is a famous dish with lamb made and broiled in the pot only with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt and onions. Last but not least fresh fish is very popular in Chania, but the unique delicasy you must taste is  Sea urchin eggs or Ahini. An expensive appetizer but loved by the Cretans; it is served with extra virgin olive oil, salt and fresh lemon juice and eaten with bread.

Local desserts, free treats & tips

 Most of the taverns & restaurans will provide you will a free treat after the meal! That depends from the place you will choose and the bill you will make. Most taverns serve Raki (or tsikoudia) a strong drink with (35%–60% alcohol  by volume). Some others serve Raki, handmade jams with Greek yogurt, fruits (mostly watermelon). Loukoumathes with honey sirup & icecream (fried dough filled with sirup) if you are lucky. I suggest that you should also try the famous pies Sfakianes Pites with honey, with fine rounded dough filled with a very thin layer of goat cheese; an absolute delicious dessert served with Cretan thime honey. Tipping is optional; but if you are pleased with the food a good tipping is considered over 5 euros.